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REVIEW: Freshkon Colors Fusion Lenses.

Hello hello ladies! About a month ago I was asked if I'd like to try out colored eye contact lenses by FreshKon from their Colors Fusion line and I thought it would be fun to give it a go! Read on to find out about my experience with these lenses!

I was asked to pick out colors I wanted and although my initial inclination was towards something natural looking like a hazel or a lighter brown than my own eye color, I went completely crazy and picked out colors I wouldn't normally have. I went for Groovy Green and Baby Aqua!

As for the packaging the lenses come packed in a single cardboard box with two separate plastic holders with a peel off foil lid. Compact and convenient. The color is swatched on the box but it is infact nothing true to the actual shade of the lens which worked out great because the inaccurate swatch on the box is a little daunting since it looks super bright. The expiry is also mentioned and you also get a handy little lens box which is nice ans sturdy but still lightweight with your purchase to store your lenses after use! The Colors Fusion line of lenses is mainly just for adding color as the name suggests and the ones I got are power less so if you wear powered specs you may want to ask for powered ones. These are definitely for people who are looking to experiment with their eye color! These are disposable lenses and it is suggested to use these over a months time and then discard or replace with new ones. Priced at around 1200-1600 depending on the kind of lenses you get, I'd say these are very reasonably to repurchase if you get a lot of use out of them!

Here are the Groovy Green set of lenses. I found these to be very comfortable to wear even though it was my first time trying out contacts of any kind. They were easy to put on and even easier to remove! I felt no discomfort or irritation throughout the entire day. The color wasn't as unnatural as I was expecting, infact in indoor home lighting it was not very easy to tell I had anything on at all which was perfect! Only in bright light or by looking closely could you tell that my eyes were green! I especially like the color since it's a unique kind of green.

Side note: Sorry for my unruly brows! You can see the difference the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade makes in the Aqua lenses photo! Isn't it spectacular!

The FreshKon lenses in Baby Aqua turned out to be a pleasant surprise! Once again, they looked nothing extremely crazy unnatural, just the perfect amount of aqua. Ofcourse, it looked nothing natural either but not too superficial in real life. In photos that I took for this post I used lighting to make the color true to what it looks like bright light or sunshine. Indoors, the eyes look just tinted slightly blue green. I love that these are truly AQUA and not some weird kind of blue or worse sky blue like the swatch suggests, they add a warmth to my entire face and look lovely against my olive yellow skintone. These were a bit harder to apply because they kept sticking to themselves and folding which was annoying but once I put them in my eyes, they don't irritate or move around so it's all great!

Bottomline, I am LOVING these! My favorite are the Aqua ones even though they may look silly in a lot of peoples opinion, I absolutely love them! Such a great way to add a pop of color or to add a change in your daily rountine makeup and they are quite comfortable which I wasn't expecting at all! The blue ones make me wish I was a redhead and life would be perfect! There is obviously nothing natural about wearing contact lenses but I like that these don't seem extremely fake in natural lighting. It's all about the way one carries them that can make it or break it! Check out FreshKon Pakistan on Facebook HERE! Until next time take care!

My Rating:
4/5: Loving them!
*This post may contain PR samples. All views and opinions in this post are strictly my own.


  1. They looking great :) I hope they remembered that I also ordered :)

  2. They look great....love both of them.....xoxoxo.....:)

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