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Luscious: Ather Shahzad Master Makeup Palette: Review.

Probably one of the most talked about makeup collaboration by Luscious Cosmetics so far, the Ather Shahzad Master Makeup Palette looks like a makeup geeks dream come true! With an array of colors and 6 cheek powders, it looks exciting indeed. Does the Master Makeup Collection live up to the hype?

Let's start off with the packaging shall we? I am a fan of cardboard palettes because they tend to absorb shock preventing damage and are super lightweight! This one may be lightweight and great for travel but it opens up like a book and while it does come with a plastic film to separate the powders on each side, the shadows do get pressed together and things can get messy. The mirror included is also a little off, perhaps I received a faulty one but it distorts the face and hence to me the palette would have been better off without one.

As for the shadows themselves, the kit contains 48 eyeshadows in a variety of colors both shimmery and matte but I do notice a slight bit of repetition with the taupes, the greys and the peachy golds. Some are superbly pigmented while others are practically non-existant upon first swatch. The mattes also tend to be a little powdery which obviously results in a crazy amount of fallout. Blending isn't a piece of cake, but it's not too hard either. Be sure to use a power packed primer under!

As for the cheek colors, the first two shades in the top row labelled as "highlighters" would probably only serve as blush and bronzer for me but perhaps they will show up better on deeper skintones. The blushes are actually really pretty and I love that there's a matte with specs of glitter running through along with a satin finish shimmery one and some totally matte ones with the variation of lighter, brighter and deeper shades all in one. The textures are powdery to the touch but the pigmentation is sufficient and blending these cheek colors weren't a problem at all for me although these too could have been much better quality.

While I do like the cheek palette, the eyeshadows did not blow me away. The quality of the palette entirely leaves me slightly disappointed because after a long time we saw Luscious come up with eyeshadows of pretty decent quality with the "I Love Eyeshadow" palettes so it was only expected that these shadows would be even better. I think there's room for much improvement here and while it may be sufficient for starter makeup fans and those who want to experiment with locally available makeup, it's definitely not a must have in my opinion for the price of PKR 3750. The palette is available in stores throughout Pakistan and is also available for shipping worldwide on the official Luscious Cosmetics website.

-Cheek color variation.
-Bright matte colors.

-Eyeshadows chalky and powdery.


3/5: Does not live upto the hype.

 All in all, the idea of such a collaboration is fantastic and we hope to see Luscious do more of these and even better in the future!

*This post may contain a pr sample. 


  1. Great review! Totally agree with each and every word. x

  2. I dont why the packaging is so cheap.I mean Ather shahzad could have checked what his name was being used for.Also the shadow quality leaves alot to be desired.I had high expectations and wanted this one to be ahit.Humph.I hope lusciouse improves this one.Great review dear.Awesome swatches.I wish i could get this much pay off on my lids :p

  3. Lo and behold Ayesha is back. Ok, that was lame but I missed you! Forunately, I didn't buy this one.

  4. Hi I'm in love with this palette please let me know where I can buy this Ather Shahzad master makeup palette. I live in India

  5. Hi I'm in love with this palette please let me know where I can buy this Ather Shahzad master makeup palette. I live in India


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