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REVIEW: Essence The Lash Curler Mascara.

Among the many new releases for 2014 at the Essence cosmetics counter is The Lash Curler mascara. It claims to curl the lashes and add maximum volume with it's innovative, twist cap packaging. So does it work?

In all honesty, this mascara just doesn't do much for me at all let alone curl perfectly and volumize to the max like it claims to. The formula is very wet, so perhaps it may work better over time, but over the months time I took to try it out, there was no dramatic difference whatsoever. The wand is your simple, old school mascara wand, straight with bristles circling it. There is nothing I particularly love about the packaging either. It is obviously targeted to teens but the twist mechanism has only proved problematic for me personally. Perhaps the only thing that works for me is the fact that it doesn't clump or flake on my lashes.

 The mascara is priced at 630 PKR and is available to purchase from Just4Girls.pk but in my humble opinion among the wide selection of Essence mascaras, there are many better ones to choose from. If you already have thick, luscious lashes that need only a hint of definition only then this mascara could be the one for you. Below is how The Lash Curler looks on my lashes after 1 and 2 coats respectively.

-Non clumpy, no flake formula.

DISLIKES:-Wet formula.
-No dramatic volume.
-Barely curls and holds.

My Rating:
2/5: I say skip!

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  1. Hmm, I see it. The lashes aren't that voluminous. xx

  2. What is the twist cap supposed to do?

  3. mascara play a key role when you are applying it for longer eyelashes, it will give you desired results


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