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REVIEW: Sweet Touch Nailpolish- Pink Lady!

I recently recieved a sleek box of goodies from Sweet Touch and one of the products inside was this, too beautiful to be true, pink nailpolish in "Pink Lady"

The name is so apt because it's something a lady would wear alright. Colors like this just make me swoon although I just don't think I can pull them off at all. They're just so pretty, they're not for me. Like a little TOO pretty. It happens to me every single time I look at Wet n Wild's Rosebud lipstick- ughhh, just so darn prettyyy!

This feminine polish is something I'd recommed to a bride or someone for sure because my personal taste is well, just too edgy and all over the place for such a delicate, ladylike shade. The color is metallic and has a bit of a duochrome, it's pink with hints of coral and silver when it catches the light which makes it quite unique. The application is smooth and the brush isn't too large or too slender. 

Sweet Touch nail color packaging however, is quite slender and sleek. The formula is thin and quick drying and applies streak free but my only objection is that it isn't opaque even on the second coat. Last I checked at my local Sweet Touch kiosk, it was priced at PKR 120 which is a little over $1 so for a nail color under the PKR200 mark, it's pretty neat! I tried this color on for 3 days sans top coat during which time I found no chipping or cracking whatsoever, so it's all good.

- Streak free formula.
- Smooth application.
- Quick drying.
-Super budget friendly.

- Not opaque at first coat.

My Rating:

3/5: Affordable little drugstore gem!

This was my second bottle of Sweet Touch nail color, the first one being from years ago, possibly even an entire decade! It was a true black color in a creme finish (now you know what I mean about being no lady) and while I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing black nail color (EVERRRR) I'm now intrigued to try out some new shades from the brand!

*Pr sample. The review is all mine.


  1. just love love love the color and your nails <3 ....ST nail enamels are a total gem !! lovely review ayesha

  2. I really like Sweet Touch Polishes but the only drawback i get from these that you mention that they are not opaque at the application but totally worth the 120Rs price mark.


  3. Sweet touch polishes get thick after a couple months, maybe they're especially cruel to me? The color is really pretty but it will definitely clash with my skin tone. I just love your review though!

  4. Cheap Thrills ! Loving the color <3

  5. the colour is really pretty!
    hareem x

  6. The quality of sweet touch nail polishes has really gone down. My latest bottle was a total dissapointment like its color suspended in water. They have even changed the shades which is v dissapointing


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