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REVIEW: Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation!

If you, like me, have been blessed with the horror of combination skin that  has a mind of its own- getting extremely oily whenever and a dry patch popping up out of nowhere on a fine sunny day- you'll most likely agree that it's a little like a rollercoaster ride trying to deal with skin of this sort. Add blemishes, frequent breakouts and summer sleazeball shine to the mix and you have a problem. A pretty messy problem. If you agree with all of the above, you'll definitely know how finding a foundation to suit this skin type is an even bigger problem! Could the Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme be the ultimate solution? 

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme 


Looks good enough to eat doesn't it?! Simple, effective packaging. Lightweight jar- a little tinier than I imagined it would be, but then it has 18ml of product; a little over HALF the amount that 30ml most foundations contain. So is that something to worry about? Not in my opinion. Priced at a pocket friendly $4.99-$7.99 USD depending on where you get it, this does not disappoint me! 

The whipped formula of this stuff is fluffy and lightweight and can seem decievingly little but it's suprisingly how little goes a long, longg way! I'm not sure if all whipped creme foundations work this way because this is my first ever (magical) experience with such a formula. The buildable medium coverage is also pretty decent if you ask me. I don't need to apply tonnes of products to disguise my horrendous blemishes which couldn't be better because who wants to slather on product in this heat!

The finish is quite matte and stays that way for the most part of the day but a hint of natural velvety skin peeks through. Also, this stuff is an absolute dream to apply! You don't get the extra playtime like with the Covergirl Outlast but it doesn't set before you can even say Revlon Colorstay like the foundation itself! Perfect timing in my opinion, and it's easy to blend out with fingers, brushes, sponges-whatever is your cup of tea. The whipped formula glides on but I'd recommend moisturizing prior application if you suffer from dry skin patches. The lasting power is nothing to get excited about but it's not any less than average. In this heat it lasts decently on my face, 6-7 hours on a hot, humid day. What I particularly like is that it doesn't transfer or oxidise much after it sets, I have a terrible habit of touching my face all the time so that coupled with this crazy heat says a lot about the longevity.

I use 325 "Buff Beige" which is more or less a close enough match for my NC 20-25 skin. It's yellow enough for me so that's a plus! It's great at masking away redness and minor blemishes and gives an almost poreless, velvet matte finish.

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme 325 Buff Beige : Swatch.
Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme 325 Buff Beige : Before & After.

That's some pretty fantastic coverage if I do say so myself! To top it off, I used such little product it's unbelievable how little goes a long way with this stuff. Covergirl hits the spot once again!

Bottomline, I do love this little jar of magic a lot! It's hard for me to love a matte finish foundation because I find that those highlight my skin issues terribly, this one however, is perfect for summertime on a budget. The only thing I wished was different is that it came in a bigger 30ml jar but I have been using (abusing) this a lot lately and it still hasn't vanished halfway so that's also saying something. Heavenly nonetheless!

-Velvet matte finish.
-Leaves skin looking even and smooth.
-Medium buildable coverage.
-Smooth application.
-A little goes a long way!
-Good variety of shades to choose from.
-Travel friendly little jar.

-18ml quantity. It bothers my brain cells but I suppose it's alright for the usage amount and price.
-Just wish it lasted a littleeee bit longer.
-Not available at Pakistani cosmetic stores.

My Rating:

4/5: It wouldv'e been a high five if only it lasted long too! Love it though!

This is my second buy from Covergirl and I have to say I'm impressed and can't wait to try out more from the brand. Have you tried this yet!? I'm going to try out the Covergirl Lash Blast which sits untouched in my dresser, so excited for that! Please leave any other Covergirl products you think are worth recommending down below! Lots of love <3


  1. The price does make it a good catch. It does well to make your skin appear flawless :)

  2. Great review.. Love it's result :)

  3. Now that's awesome coverage... Nice review...

  4. OMG...That def looks like ice cream to me or wo b chocolate :p

  5. This looks soo good! I'm so in love with my Outlast foundation, nothing beats it!

  6. nice review...which foundation n powder do you recommend the most for oily skins?

    1. Thanks Filza! I love the Rimmel Stay Matte for my oily-combo skin! Nothing tops it for me! :) You can also check out loose powders, NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder in Transparent is said to be good, or an HD setting & mattifying powder like the MUFE one or Ben Nye! <3


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