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REVIEW: Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick 761!

Hello ladies! Today we have this stunning coral-pink lipstick in the spotlight by Sweet Touch. I am a total matte-lip fanatic and am always looking out for great matte lipsticks that are affordable too. I reviewed this very lipstick (see post here) 2 years ago in it's old formula & packaging and I wasn't impressed much. Let's see if this one is good enough to turn me into a fan!

There's an obvious color difference in packaging. It's quite eye catching now that they've transformed the dull silver into a lovely fuschia but in essence the packaging is still the same with a few minor changes. I do quite like the newer packaging. It comes with the same claim of Vitamin E infusion in a matte formula but I'm not entirely convinced on that. It is still quite drying on the lips and applies slightly patchy regardless of how exfoliated my lips may be. The color however, is GORGEOUS! The pigmentation is great and it glides upon first swatch but I only wished it applied with the same ease. It seems much more neon to me than before and would suit fair to light skin tones best. The only way I can get it to work for me is dabbing it on very lightly, which gives a super pretty tint to the lips.

These matte lipsticks are available in 61 other stunning shades too at a super affordable price of PKR 299 which is just fantastic! Prices throughout local stores may vary, but you can purchase these online here!

Overall, it is a slight, marginal improvement from the previous formula but it's not the best drugstore matte lipstick however the price tag makes it worth a try. Who knows, it may just work for you!


-Dry, patchy formula.

My Rating:
3/5: Slight improvement there!


  1. The formula does look bad but my my how I love this shade! So beautiful!

  2. The color is so beautiful, formula can b improved if u wear it over a lip balm.
    sahar blogs

  3. Sucha pretty coral <3
    I am following ur blog :)
    Please follow me back at : www.wajihaslifediary.blogspot.com

  4. I love the color so much I'm probably gonna get this, even though I have very dry flaky lips.


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